work or rest with ashley



Bodywork is a unique modality that combines the mindfulness of yoga, touch techniques and assisted stretching.



These sessions for those wishing to rehabilitate their bodies, further their own practice, or simply get a comfortable introduction into the practice of yoga.



Part rhythmic calisthenics, part flow and part meditation. This is an experience not only inspires but also cultivates a safe place to release, and transform.

FIRE + FLOW + CHILL by Ashley Levii

 This class is inspired by the elements that created our earth; Fire, Water and Space.


The fire in our practice is experienced as intensity and abundance as we transition through movements with the purpose of igniting your entire being.


The water arrives as fluidity, connection and adaptability, as we bring a subtlety to our joints, connect to our breath and flow between postures as we begin to allow the energy to settle in its new home.It fuels our practice with compassion and resilience that return to us as fluid movement, supple muscles, steady joints, agile minds.


We end in the element of space, the container for everything and anything that exists.  Creating space requires discipline, but experiencing it is pure freedom. This is pure mindfulness through meditation. The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature—which is described as peace, happiness, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried to meditate knows, the mind itself is the biggest obstacle standing between ourselves and this awareness. This is where we help you by guiding your through space.


This 90 min experience is targeted at having you leave feeling balanced and like you got the best of all worlds in there, your mind, body and your spirit will thank you.




 Bodywork is a unique modality that combines the mindfulness of yoga, touch techniques and assisted stretching. This approach results in the freeing and release of tight connective tissue patterns and fascial unwinding. The holistic nature of this work aims at providing space in the joints, relieve muscular tension and soothe the nervous system.

Yoga is for everyone!

It doesn't matter how old you are, what your gender is, or if you've ever done yoga before, I truly believe that yoga can benefit every single person, even you! I offer highly individualized private yoga classes designed to meet your unique needs. It is pretty common for new students to join a group yoga class and feel overwhelmed and out of place. In studio classes, instructors are simply not able to address the unique needs of every student. Through private one-on-one or small group sessions I can help you ease into your yoga practice. Through these private yoga lessons you will receive the individualized attention you need and deserve.


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