Lianne Ellis

Business Owner

We start off with a high intensity workout to shape and tone the body, followed by some smooth yoga flowing moves and then a deep relaxing meditation to finish off this magical session. This class is so powerful, after the first one I burst into tears not knowing why or what has just happened to me! We had triggered something deep in the soul and I was instantly flooded with happiness. We hugged it out and I felt like I had found my new family.


Ashley’s presence is special. Her directions are clear, her smile & personality is contagious! She gives so much care and attention to each and every one of us in the class, creating a strong connection from the get go. She makes you feel safe, welcome and loved.


I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I definitely found it. I did not hesitate to buy a 10 session pack to attend this 90 minute session on a weekly basis. It has truly changed my whole perception of life and I cannot stop thinking about it! I am so excited for my journey with Ashley, to improve physical performance, as well as my mental clarity.


This is so much more than a yoga class. It is a path to discovering yourself, learning to love & connect with others. A journey that will lead you to live with confidence and positivity.


Ashley, thank you. You are magical!

Deanna Lythgo

Real Estate Advisor

Ashley's Hot Fire, Flow & Chill class not only challenges my physical strength, but elevates my mental self-awareness throughout the 90 minute practice. It offers an incredible outlet to manage immediate stress, and with her guidance, nurtures a greater sense of self-reflection. Ashley is a positive force in developing my mental toughness and physique, and I'm most thankful for the greater positively and self-confidence she promotes during this class.