What Will We See On The Other Side?

In times of uncertainty, I am challenged by my thoughts. To fight, deflect, and get angry or to pivot, adapt, and create in new ways. We are always in choice. Now is a time to tune in, take inventory, review, digest, and then reassess it all. Now is a time for transformation. Now is a time to surrender. Journal it, take note, this is your optimal time for CHANGE.



My first response to this... "I have been working so hard on myself, I have let go of so much, I do my best to be conscious and now I just don't know where to start." Now, I am listening to my inner mystic and conscious crone, allowing myself to sink to the depths of my feelings and discern. I feel a very deep sadness when thinking of the condition some must be in at this time. I feel the heaviness of collective uncertain times, but I know I am not alone. I can also feel how this has been a long time coming and that it could be worse with an asteroid or some fatal chemical leak. We treat each other and our planet and others with cruelty. We fight while mother nature keeps score, and here, we are being forced to see what we couldn’t see before.

I wonder what are we willing to see? What are we willing to let go of? What are we willing to do? And are we willing to acknowledge the lens of love? The pendulum has swung too far in MANY departments on earth and unfortunately for a pendulum to return it has to reverse some of its paths. It’s time to take ownership of ourselves, our choices, our actions, our secrets...and clean up to create space for what wants to be born from us, through us in service of our people and our planet and all its beings.

FOR ME, this means my addiction to being a certain way in order to be loved, or speaking with certainty yet no wisdom. Caught in a dance with my own ego, ALWAYS, I choose to accept LOVE as my teacher.


Love says, “I am everything.” Wisdom says, “I am nothing.” Between the two, my life flows. ~ Maharaj


Even with one week in quarantine, I can feel myself detoxing from my addictions. Funny I say it this way because, I have had a few more negroni's, doobies and micro-doses of psilocybin than usual but ENERGETICALLY, I am sobering up and beginning to see ME more clearly. I see a love for myself I never had before, I enjoy the beauty of my home, the sweetness, and purity in my partner. All of which I couldn’t see because I was so consumed. Consumed by MY self, that I thought I had to be before my busy surroundings.

I also feel the strength of the human spirit, the warrior vibe. I see people coming together in beautiful ways, supporting local businesses, sharing love through windows and finally connecting back to humanity. I feel a shift, a power, a will, a way. I feel sensitive but strong, compassionate yet vigorous, and solid rise in the collective consciousness.

Its time to feel the music, find YOUR subtle beat. Leave the anchor behind and allow yourself to sail. Allow your wings to come in, take a flight towards your dreams but please, don't forget that your wings are made of diamonds and they can take the pressure of our entire world.

Take Care, Stay healthy.


Much Love,