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Benefits of Holistic Bodywork

The science behind physical touch, hands-on yoga, and bodywork is still being explored, but there's much evidence that it can help improve your life.

Posture improvement - Improved posture and alignment. This occurs due to the whole-body stretching techniques, which release tension in the muscles.

Freedom from tension - Releasing any built-up tension in the body. You'll feel yourself melting into the floor as all your cares dissipate into thin air for the session.

Relaxation - Unwind and release control. The calm, relaxing atmosphere will help you to drift off into a deep state of relaxation, letting go of all your worries and concerns.

Mind-body reset - Reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level, resetting your mind and emotions to experience your true essence, one of equanimity and peace.

Circulation-  Reducing stress levels by releasing endorphins (the body's natural painkiller), moving blood throughout the body. You may experience more  flexibility in muscles and joints due to increased blood flow

Intended to ground and invigorate your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Utilizing different forms of touch, stretch & relaxation techniques, I cultivate a relaxing experience based on a whole-body approach.

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